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(via theblitzace)


“Gilgamesh?! Y-You’re alive?!”

Well, color the wanderer surprised. The last time he remembered seeing him, Gilgamesh was swallowed by the everlasting darkness of the Void. Bartz managed to suffer a similar fate, nearly, but it was thanks to the intervention of Cosmos, then the Warriors of Dawn was he able to escape. But, how did he?

Bartz was torn between hugging him, fighting him, and… running from him. How could he show himself to such a proud warrior when Bartz lost so terribly before? The snowy-white locks was a badge of shame for him.

“No, Bartz, stop that,” he mentally chided. “You’re stronger than that.”


Pushing back his own apprehensions, the mime gave a quick rub of his nose in cockiness. “Dunno, but I seem to remember kicking your butt every single time. Hope you got a little stronger since I last saw ‘ya. You seem slightly stronger, but so am I!”

To demonstrate his increased abilities, Bartz began twirling a spear that suddenly flashed into existence before it transformed into the Buster Sword that he swung downward, and then it shifted to pink, runed daggers that he combined at the hilts, spun around, and tossed into the air for them to disappear.


He brushed back his snow-white bangs before a cocky smirk crossed his lips. “Jealous?”

Something seemed… off with Bartz, the proud samurai noted. No longer having a head of brown hair, but locks of white instead. He couldn’t put his finger on what it was that made his (self-proclaimed) rival feel different.

He soon continued on his boastful nature, “Oh, I assure you, I’ve only grown in strength! It is about we’ve even the scores, don’t you think?” Taking a very prepared stance

The crimson samurai looked quite impressed with Bartz’s show of power, “Heh heh, hardly. I too have gathered new abilities. Watch and see!”

Soon enough he had magically called forth multiple blades from the ground, grabbing them with each of his six arms. An aquatic looking blade from Spira was firmly grasped in his middle left arm, the Excalibur lied above of that with Zantetsuken lingering below them both and the (false) Buster Sword, Excalipoor and Masamune were held tightly on his right arms

"In my travels, I have gathered the most fearsome weapons from all worlds! Pretty impressive, doncha think?"

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Ah ha! Think you could sneak up on I, Gilgamesh, in the rif-

Hmm? Oh, a Summoner! ‘s been a while since we’ve ran into one before. And what is your name, young summoner?

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Ha ha, a perfect landing! No screwing up his entrance in front of his most worthy opponent today! Things would finally end in his favor today!

“Gya ha ha ha, long time no see Bartz! You’ve no clue how long I’ve waited for our fated rematch!” Drawing upon his naginata, the crimson samurai took an offensive pose, eagerly waiting for either him or Bartz to make the first strike. “And now fitting it would be right back in our homeland! Poetic, doncha think?”

“But this time, it is I, who will be the victor today! But enough leisurely banter! Now, en garde!!” And thus he rushed over to make the first move.

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Even had the foe screwed up it would do nothing to flatten the grin that was planted on his face. Weapon in the right hand, he swung it a few times left to right to get the motion of weight in his hand, fingers tightening around the hilt of the red handle. We’ll see who’s favor ends in what, he hadn’t been fighting off Chaos enemies without learning a few tricks up his sleeveless shirt.

Long time!? Didn’t he see him in the multiple worlds? Oh, well actually that had been awhile ago so this could be considered as something of a while now. “ Last I remembered, you got kinda voided someplace else and then reappeared before me..which you know sadly I couldn’t remember you due to my memory being sorta taken away. ” Having his memory being taken was beyond annoying.

But hey I’m always up for a rematch, especially when it comes to a formidable opponent! ” It was rather fitting that they’d be fighting for a third time, well more like…the fifth or sixth, he had lost count honestly but either way it was good that the both of them would get a rematch with one another on their homeland. ” You’ve got one thing correct. It’s swell to be back in our home world! ” Raising the weapon to the opposite side of his shoulder, body leaned forward a little.

Too bad, I’m gonna be the one who comes out victorious! ” He happily stated, watching with honey color orbs as the samurai bolted forward for him. Rushing forward, always the brash one Gilly. Kicking off from the ground, Bartz as well ran forward toward his opponent, blade swiping forward towards at Gilgamesh once he was close enough..


"Hee hee, oh we’ll see, Bartz, we’ll see!" His voice thundered as he blocked the incoming blow with his own blade, "I hope you haven’t been slacking off, any true rival of mine should keep his skills sharp!" Retaliating with a powerful strike of his own.

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